A Little About Me...

Mary Harriman Klunk has been a working artist for over 30 years.  Her  educational background includes a BS degree at Towson University,  studying Art and Psychology; and an M.Ed from Loyola University.  Mary  studied painting and drawing at the Mitchell School of Fine Arts and the  Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore, Maryland.

Mary  has been employed as an Art Therapist in neuropsychiatric hospitals,  Senior Centers, and nursing homes.  She managed Art programs in maximum  and medium security prisons.  Mary served as Artist in Residence at the  Veterans Administration Hospital in Perry Point, Maryland.  She taught  Painting and Drawing classes at Community Colleges throughout the  Maryland area with students ranging in age from five to 95.  She  has  lectured on American Artists, Impressionism, and Modern Painting,and  taught Art workshops in Maryland, Florida, and Nassau, Bahamas.  Mary  worked as a mural artist for Harford Community College, Comcast Cable,  and the Havre de Grace Arts Commission.  She worked as a Caricature  artist in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  Mary owned and operated a working  studio and gallery in Havre de Grace, Maryland.  She currently paints  and teaches in Ft Myers and Sanibel Island, Florida. 

While  teaching Art at the Maryland House of Corrections, Mary became aware of  high rates of illiteracy among the inmates.  She devoted herself to  improving literacy rates, earned an M.Ed in Special Education and  Reading, and for ten years worked as a Reading teacher in the Baltimore  School System. 

Ms  Klunk's work includes portraits,still life, landscapes, and figure  studies.  Her works are completed in a classical "Old Master's" style  with emphasis on color relationships,, lighting, and value.  She works  in oils and pastels and has exhibited nationally, and in the Florida and  Maryland areas.  She has won numerous awards for her work.

Inspirations  for still life paintings include everyday objects, fruit, flowers, and  beach finds.  Trips abroad and in the United States provide material for  land and seascapes.  A fascination for faces and personalities,  developed through years of caricature, provide inspiration for portraits  and figurative paintings.  The beaches of South West Florida are  featured in many of her works.  Mary is currently teaching Portraiture  at BIG ARTS on Sanibel Island, and provides Art instruction at the  nearby Shell Point community.  Her work can be seen on her website:  Commissions available by contacting the artist.